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The personal injury lawyers at White and Williams are different from most other plaintiff's attorneys and firms. Most personal injury lawyers work alone or in small firms with just a few attorneys. The personal injury attorneys at White and Williams are a team of four lawyers who work within a very large, very prestigious Philadelphia-based firm. While the four of us exclusively represent individuals who are seriously injured in accidents -- just like the small firms do -- we have the unique ability to bring into any given case all of the resources of a major full service law firm. White and Williams, LLP is a firm of well over 200 attorneys that has been in existence for well over 100 years.

We believe that we provide the best elements of a small practice -- friendly, face-to-face, personalized legal representation -- with the best that a large firm can offer -- the power, prestige and resources that over 200 lawyers and over 100 years of history can bring to bear. This ability truly sets us apart.

We like to say that we are a group of nice men and women who represent nice men, women and children who are seriously injured due to the negligence or irresponsible conduct of others. We pride ourselves on being not just highly skilled, thorough, aggressive and successful lawyers, but also on conducting ourselves as gentlemen and ladies. We treat people in our professional lives the same way we treat people in our personal lives -- in a polite, dignified, respectful fashion. Good things happen to good people, and we take great care in hiring attorneys for this practice who are genuinely nice, caring, friendly individuals.

We are equally careful in who we choose to represent. We choose our clients carefully from among the many prospective clients who seek our representation. We don't accept every case that comes our way. This is because we utilize a genuine team approach to our cases in which we work hand-in-glove with our clients to bring to light and demonstrate in the most comprehensive, understandable fashion possible the true depth and breadth of the life altering changes that serious or catastrophic injuries bring to a person and his or her family. This requires a close working relationship and very deep trust between the client and the lawyer. We choose to represent those individuals who we feel we can work with successfully to present their case the very best it can be presented. That is our proven formula for success.

Our history, track record of success and standing in the legal community are well established. We have an awful lot to offer, much of which just can't be found in other personal injury law firms. If you've been seriously injured in an accident and think you'd like a team of nice, highly successful professional people to represent you, call Dan O'Brien at 215-864-7168 for a no-cost consultation.





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