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Another PA Driver Charged With Homicide By Vehicle Due To Texting While Driving

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A Pennsylvania woman was charged with homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter in connection with a car and motorcycle accident that killed a 68-year-old man on May 7, 2013. *

The woman was texting while driving when her car rear-ended the man's motorcycle.  The woman's phone records revealed that she had a text message open at the time of the crash.

This charge comes on the heels of another woman who was charged with homicide by vehicle in Montgomery County, PA. The woman was also texting while driving when she crashed into 5 teen pedestrians and killed one of the teens as a result. Click here to see story: Another Fatal Accident Caused By A Distracted Driver Who Was Texting and Drunk

When are drivers going to realize that texting while driving is dangerous and causes fatal accidents? Pennsylvania has a no texting while driving law, yet drivers continue to text while driving.  Something has got to change.

Pennsylvania ought to pass a law banning the use of cell phones or smartphones while driving completely.  Therefore, drivers would not be allowed to use their phones to talk while driving, in addition to not being allowed to text while driving.  Right now, the problem with enforcing Pennsylvania's no texting law is that police officers cannot decipher whether the driver is dialing to make a call or texting.  Even if the driver was texting, he can say he was dialing if he was pulled over by a police officer. 

With a law that bans both talking and texting while driving, anytime a police officer sees a driver holding a phone, the driver can be pulled over.  There would be no excuse that the driver can give to the police officer because the use of a phone while driving would be against the law.

Short of that, accidents will continue to happen due to drivers texting while driving.  The consequences that drivers face can be life-changing and involve accidents where fatalities occur.

The only other legal recourse for the injured victims and the families of injured or deceased victims is to bring a civil lawsuit and recover financial compensation such as:

  • medical expenses;
  • future medical expenses;
  • out-of-pocket expenses;
  • past and future lost wages; and
  • pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, many times the compensation is not enough for families of deceased victims because their loved one is gone.

Help Us Educate Pennsylvania Teens About The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Though we represent victims injured in accidents such as distracted driving accidents, we are committed to bringing awareness to the young drivers in the community and hope to deter teens from texting while driving through our community outreach programs.

Through our Teen Driving Summit Program, we talk to local teens about the dangers of texting while driving through our experiences in representing victims of distracted driving.  We also demonstrate the dangers of texting while driving through a car simulator provided by a local driving school.  Our program has been featured on NBC 10 and 6 ABC. If you would like us to talk at your child's high school, or would like more information about our program, feel free please contact us. 

*Source:The Daily Item

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