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Coaches Need To Protect Players From Traumatic Brain Injuries In Contact Sports | PA NJ Sports Injury and Traumatic Brain injury Lawyers

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I saw a segment on SportsCenter the other day featuring a college football game between Arizona and USC.  The segment showed the Arizona quarterback taking 2 vicious hits to the head near the end of the game.  Shortly thereafter, he was throwing up on the sidelines.

The commentators were saying that the coaches needed to get the quarterback out of the game.  It was a classic sign of a concussion, and he should not have continued to play.

However, the coaches didn't take the quarterback out of the game.  Rather, he stayed in the game to throw the winning touchdown.

Watching this segment really got me quite fired up. Didn't the coaches know that they were putting their player in harm's way by putting him back in the game after he sustained a possible concussion? 

Even the announcers knew that the quarterback sustained a concussion and needed to be benched. 

What if rather than throwing the winning touchdown, the quarterback was hit again by another player?  This blow could have caused further brain damage or a traumatic brain injury. 

Traumatic brain injuries are serious and have significant impact on the players' lives as well as their families' lives.  Such injuries can affect the:

  • short-term memory;
  • long-term memory;
  • ability to concentrate;
  • ability to learn;
  • ability to reason; or
  • personality, i.e., mood changes.

Legal Consequences:

Because coaches have a duty to protect their players, they could have been held liable if the quarterback sustained a traumatic brain injury in this situation.  The reason is that the coaches were negligent by letting the quarterback stay in the game.

Luckily, this did not happen in this situation, but as sports injury and traumatic brain injury lawyers, we know it can and does happen.

Hits and concussions sustained during contact sports cannot be taken lightly.  If you or a loved one has a traumatic brain injury as a result of playing a contact sport, you may be entitled to compensation.  For more information, feel free to contact us or click on the articles below for more information.

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