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Distracted Driving In Pennsylvania: School Bus Accidents

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My son started kindergarten this year.  My husband and I decided to let him take the school bus to school.  Putting him on the bus the first day was probably one of the most emotional and nerve wrecking days of my life.  It was emotional because as a mother, I couldn’t believe he is starting school.  It was nerve wrecking because I was worried for his safety.  It doesn’t help that I am a personal injury lawyer and know that there have been reports of school bus accidents across the country, situations where bus drivers were texting while driving their buses.

Just last month, a Florida school bus driver was suspended after she was caught on video texting while driving a bus full of middle school students.  Fortunately, there was no accident and the kids are safe. www.gma.yahoo.com (School Bus Driver Suspended After Cellphone Video Shows her Texting)

Everyone knows that texting while driving is dangerous, yet, drivers, from bus drivers to truck drivers, continue to do it.  We continue to see media coverage of numerous accidents caused by drivers who were texting when the accident happened. Innocent pedestrians, drivers and passengers are seriously injured as a result of drivers who are texting while driving.  Every day, I see drivers next to my car texting on their phones; at times, it’s a mom or a dad driving a mini-van full of kids.

Why The Texting & Driving Laws In PA & NJ Must Be Changed

Even though it illegal to text while driving in Pennsylvania, drivers continue to do it.  It is a social epidemic.  When are drivers going to stop endangering other people’s lives? Perhaps stricter laws need to be imposed.

In a recent New Jersey case, the court held that a person texting with a driver may be held responsible for the car accident and injuries to innocent victims, even though the accident was caused by the driver.  It may seem unfair to hold the person texting with the driver, who is not physically present at the accident responsible for the accident; however, the court said that if the person knew that he was texting with someone who was actually driving, then he/she can be held liable. See Think Twice Before Sending A Text To A Driver – You May Also Be Liable If The Driver Causes A Car Accident In NJ

Perhaps this should be the case in Pennsylvania as well.  There has not been a Pennsylvania lawsuit naming a sender of text not present at the car accident as a defendant in a PA car accident lawsuit, but it is quite possible there may be.  It will be interesting to see what Pennsylvania courts decide.

There has to be a way to stop the social epidemic of texting while driving.  It starts with each and every one of us.  Put the phone in the glove compartment before you put your car, truck or mini-van in drive.  No text is worth an innocent life. 

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Help Stop Texting While Driving Accidents In PA & NJ

The lawyers at White and Williams have presented at various local Pennsylvania high schools to talk to teens about the dangers of texting while driving through a program called “The Teen Driving Summit: How 2 Seconds Can Change Lives.” 

Our personal injury lawyers use real cases and talk to the teens about how texting while driving significantly affected the lives of all parties involved in distracted driving accidents.  If you would like more information about our program, contact Daniel O’Brien, Esq. at 877.944.8396.


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