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Dog Attacks An 8 Year Old Boy At The Front Door Of A Home In PA|Dog Attack Lawyer

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An 8 year old boy was attacked by a dog in Monessen, PA earlier this month.  The boy was seriously wounded when he was attacked by a shar pei mixed dog.  According to the news, the boy was at a neighbor's door.  When the door opened, the dog ran out, jumped and attacked the boy.  A Monessen police officer said that it was "the worst dog attack" he's seen on anyone, adult or child. *Source: http://www.wtae.com/news/local

According to a neighbor, everyone around tried to help the little boy, but the dog was too strong and continued to attack the boy. 

The boy was viciously attacked and suffered serious injuries on his arm and calf.  The boy's arm and calf bones were clearly visible according to police report. *Source: http://www.wtae.com/news/local

The dog was around other kids as it lived in a home with other young kids.  The dog also knew the little boy that was attacked.

What happened to this little boy is horrific, and unfortunately it happens more often than we would like.  Research has shown that kids are more susceptible to dog attacks than adults and that most dog attacks and injuries to children occur in the summer and on weekends. 

As a personal injury lawyer who has helped victims of dog attacks, I know that many times victims are attacked by dogs they know.  Some are attacked by a relative's dog, a babysitter's dog, or even their own family dog. 

Dogs are unpredictable and you never know what is going to provoke a dog to attack.   

A safety tip for parents with kids is to never leave a small child alone with a dog.  On the flip side, a safety tip for owners is to keep your dog under adequate control.  When little kids are at the door, put the dog on a leash or in another room so that it cannot charge through the door and attack the person at the door. 

Owner of dogs that attack may be held liable for the victims' injuries.  Owners of dogs that bite or attack may be sued if the dogs were not under proper and adequate control.  See related article: What You Need To Know If You Were Attacked And Injured By An Unleashed Dog in Pennsylvania

PA and NJ Dog Attack and Injury Lawyer

Dog attacks are often traumatic for the victims.  They do not only leave physical scars, they also leave emotional scars.  Further, many injuries that result from dog bites require corrective surgery immediately after the attack and several years after the attack.  If you or a loved one was attacked or bitten by a dog in Pennsylvania or New Jersey and would like to know your legal rights, contact Dan O'Brien for a free initial consultation.  Dan and his team have successfully helped many victims of dog attacks.  877.944.8396. 

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