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Don’t Text And Drive|PA & New Jersey Car Accident Injury Lawyer

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It is illegal for drivers in Pennsylvania to text while driving.  Yet, drivers continue to do so.  With the recent snow storms in the region, the slick roads have caused numerous serious accidents in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding suburbs.

. Some of the accidents are no doubt caused by drivers who were texting while driving.

Last Tuesday, when the most recent snow storm hit the region, many schools were dismissed early, including my sons’ schools.  As I was driving carefully and slowly on the unplowed slick roads to get my sons from school, I saw a driver next to me texting while driving.  She then lost control of her car, started fishtailing and almost hit me.  The icy, slippery and unplowed roads were already difficult and dangerous enough to drive in, why would she make it even more dangerous?  What’s worse is that she wasn’t the only driver I saw who was texting while driving in the horrible, icy road conditions. 

It made me angry when I saw these drivers texting while driving in icy, slippery road conditions.  They have to realize that even though they have been doing it over and over, day after day, without incident, they can cause serious accidents.  They may even cause fatal accidents.  Don’t they know that today may be their last day, or someone else’s last day for that matter?

Though injured car accident victims cannot recover punitive damages from negligent drivers who cause accidents in Pennsylvania, a driver who is texting during a winter storm may be subject to punitive damages.  In a PA car accident case in Lackawanna County, a judge ruled that a driver who causes an accident while using a GPS device may not only be found liable for the accident, but may also be subject to punitive damages if the driver had completely diverted his or her attention away from the road.  The judge said that a driver who engages in  recklessly indifferent conduct may be potentially liable for punitive damages.

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Drivers who cause car accidents because they were texting while driving during a snow storm may be subject to punitive damages.  It can be argued that drivers who text and drive in icy dangerous road conditions and cause accidents are reckless because they knew that the roads were slick and dangerous and completely took their eyes away from the road to text.  Therefore, not only will the texting drivers be liable for the victims’ damages, such as lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering, at fault drivers may also be liable for punitive damages.

Texting while driving accidents in Pennsylvania are preventable.  Don’t text and drive.  No text is worth an innocent life.

Help After A PA Texting & Driving Accident

If you were injured in an accident due to a driver who was texting while driving, you are entitled to financial compensation.  If you would like to explore your legal rights, call the car accident lawyers at White and Williams who offer a free consultation. 877.944.8396.

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