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A PA & NJ Injury Lawyer Discusses How Shoddy Electrical Work Lead To Children Being Electrocuted In A Pool

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Drownings are not the only type of accident that can occur at swimming pools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Other accidents may include electrocutions.  Many pools have pool lights and pumps that require electricity.  If electric work is not performed properly, adults and children in the pool can get electrocuted and even die as a result.

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Just last month, 3 young children were electrocuted when they were swimming in an outdoor pool at a Florida apartment complex. *Source: www.local10.com (Shoddy electrical work lead to 3 kids' injuries at a pool in Hialeah, police say)

A surveillance video captured the tragedy.  A little girl makes her way over to the metal rail, she touches the rail and her body goes limp.  The girl’s muscles were paralyzed by electricity.  A man standing near her realizes something is wrong and pulls her out of the pool. 

As everyone is trying to get out of the pool, another child by the steps is electrocuted moments later.  Another man pulls the girl’s lifeless body out of the water.  A total of 3 children were shocked.

Fortunately, the children survived the electrocutions and spent 4 nights in the hospital.

The cause of the shock was the pool pump, which was not properly grounded.  It malfunctioned and electrified the water.

Inspectors said that the electrocutions were due to unpermitted and shoddy electrical work.  Unconnected ground wires were supposed to take the currents to the ground and away from the pool, but they weren’t working properly. 

The property owner not only had shoddy electric work done, it also did not obtain a permit to have the work done pursuant to city codes.  If the owner applied for a permit, it is customary for the city’s electrical inspector to come out and inspect it after the work was done.  If the inspector came out, it would have caught the problem. 

In this situation, the children have legal rights against the apartment complex and the company that performed the shoddy electric work.  The owner of the apartment complex has a duty to protect its’ tenants and their guests from unreasonably dangerous conditions.  This is true of apartment complexes in other states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Certainly, a pool pump that electrifies pool water is a dangerous condition.  Even if the apartment complex did not know that the electric work was shoddy, it would have known about it if it obtained a permit.  If it did, the pool would not have passed inspection, and the electric work would have been corrected before opening the pool.

Therefore, the company would be held responsible, as well as the apartment complex.

The children may be able to recover for their damages and injuries, such as medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Help After An Electrocution Accident At A Pool

If you or a loved one was electrocuted at a pool due the pool owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation.  Electrocutions may be fatal, and parties in charge of the pool must make sure that the pool is safe for people to use.  Call 877.944.8396 to schedule a FREE case evaluation with Daniel J. O’Brien, a personal injury lawyer in PA and NJ.

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