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Vape Users Are Often Unaware of the Danger of Exploding Vape Batteries

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The dangers of vaping have been on the news quite frequently. Vaping involves the inhalation of a vapor created by an electronic cigarette, which simulates tobacco smoking. Electronic cigarettes are handheld battery-powered vaporizers. The media has focused on the health hazards involved with inhaling the vape fumes. However, there’s another, potentially more deadly, hazard involved with vaping—the exploding batteries.

Vaporizers typically use lithium-ion batteries, similar to those found in cell phones and laptops. These batteries need to be taken out of the vaporizer to charge in between usages. The problem is that a user can overcharge the battery, or expose the battery to extreme conditions, which can cause a short circuit. Essentially, lithium-ion batteries explode when they become too hot. This is a problem regardless of whether the batteries are inside or outside of the device.

A Young Man Receives Severe Burns From an Exploding Vape Battery

We currently represent a man who was injured when the batteries of his vape exploded in the pocket of his jeans. He had charged the batteries but hadn’t yet put them into the vape. He wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary when the accident happened; he was just standing around. The batteries exploded with such force that they tore out of his jeans and spun around the room like mini rockets. Our client suffered significant burns all over his leg that required skin grafting.

The vape our client purchased came with the batteries that exploded. He had no idea the batteries could explode. Vape manufacturers, battery manufacturers, and even vape shops have failed to inform consumers of the risks associated with these batteries. Luckily, the popularity of the vaporizers requiring these rechargeable lithium-ion batteries seems to be waning. Further, more and more vape shops are declining to sell these types of vapes, due to their liability in the distribution chain.

If You’ve Been Injured by an Exploding Vape Battery, Contact Us to Discuss Your Case

If you’ve suffered a serious injury when your vape battery exploded, we can help you obtain full compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact the defective products injury lawyers at White and Williams LLP today for a free initial consultation.


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