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More Cars Accidents Over Thanksgiving Holiday|PA Car Accident Injury Lawyer

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As everyone knows, Thanksgiving weekend is the most traveled weekend by Americans.  If traveling by car, the busiest travel day is the night before Thanksgiving.  More cars on the road often mean more car accidents.

According to Progressive Insurance, between the hours of 8pm the night before Thanksgiving and 3am Thanksgiving day, parking and rear-end accidents increase by an average of 24%, and collision claims increase by 17%. 

PA Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents often happen because the drivers at fault are not paying attention to the road ahead of them.  On Thanksgiving eve, there is a lot of traffic/congestion.  Therefore, cars often have to stop because of the congestion ahead.  When drivers take their eyes off the road for 2 seconds and there is stopped traffic ahead on the highway, drivers often cannot stop in time and may rear-end the cars in front of them.  Sometimes, the cars they hit sustain second impacts because they are pushed into the cars in front of them.

Use Of Cell Phones & Other Distractions Cause PA Car Accidents

There are many distractions that cause drivers to take their eyes off the road.  When traveling with a family with young kids, parent drivers may reach back to give something to their children or turn around to check something for their children. 

Other common distractions are cell phones.  Drivers may text while driving to inform their family members they will be late or of their estimated arrival time.

Whatever the distractions are, when drivers take their eyes off the road for 2 seconds, accidents can and do happen.

In addition, Thanksgiving Eve is typically known as one of the biggest drinking nights of the year.  Everyone is home for Thanksgiving, and they want to see their friends.  Thus, there may also be more drunk drivers on the road than usual.

Recovering Damages After Pennsylvania Car Accidents

Pennsylvania drivers and passengers may be entitled to recover damages for the injuries they sustain in rear-end accidents or DUI accidents, such as:

  • pain and suffering,
  • medical expenses, and/or
  • lost wages.

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Help After A Pennsylvania Car Accident

If you were injured in a PA car, bus or truck accident, feel free to contact the experienced car accident personal injury lawyers at White and Williams.  Dan O’Brien, Esq., has helped many injured drivers and passengers in their car accident lawsuits in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Call today for a free consultation. 877.944.8396

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