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How A Pennsylvania Car Accident Can Completely Devastate An Injured Victim’s Life

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The lives of individuals injured in Pennsylvania car accidents are literally turned upside down.  Their injuries significantly affect their quality of life.  One of the most gratifying things about being a personal injury lawyer is being able to help an injured individual get back on track after an accident, such as a car accident.

Car Accident Settlements For Our Clients:

In PA car accident lawsuits, defendants often contest the severity of the victims’ injuries.  Medical records only provide the medical diagnoses of the injuries and do not describe how the victim’s life is significantly affected.  Thus, defendants may argue that the injuries are not serious.  In such cases, the testimony of the injured person themselves is crucial in helping them recover the financial compensation they are entitled to.  This was the case with one of our clients.

We represented an elderly man who was injured in a car accident in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia.  He is very nice elderly man with 4 grown children who have families of their own.  Our client lives in Boston, but often came to Pennsylvania to visit 2 of his children.

He has been a widower for several years, but lived a full life prior to the accident.  He lived by himself and took great pride in being self-sufficient.  He took care of his lawn, i.e. gardening, mowing the lawn, etc.  He played golf on a weekly basis with his friends.  He played cards with his friends once a week.  He lived a very active lifestyle. 

During one of his visits to Pennsylvania, he was injured in a car accident.  He had just finished playing golf with his son and was on his way to his other son’s home.  As he was driving down the road, a car came out of nowhere and t-boned him on the driver’s side.  The other driver was attempting to make a left from a street that was perpendicular to the road my client was traveling on.  The other driver did not stop at a stop sign and smashed into my client’s car.

From that moment on, my client’s life has never been the same.  As a result of the impact, he was knocked unconscious and was incoherent when he woke.  He injured his neck, shoulders, right arm/hand and right foot.  He also suffered chronic headaches and residual ringing in his ear.  He started to have numbness going down his right arm and into his hand.  He needed to have epidural shots in his right arm.  He couldn’t raise his arm and was in constant pain.  Diagnostic tests showed that he had herniated discs in his neck.

As a result, he couldn’t do any of the things he did on a day to day basis.  First and foremost, he couldn’t take care of his house.  All the yard work, such as removal of leaves had to be done by a contractor.  He also could not do any chores indoors. He couldn’t do his laundry or any cooking.  He had to rely on his daughter to come over every night to help him.  Worse, he didn’t have a social life anymore.  He couldn’t golf, travel to see his children, play poker with his friends, etc.  Understandably, he also became depressed because he couldn’t do anything.  In addition, he had difficulty sleeping and had to sleep on a recliner.

On paper, it seemed that our client’s injuries would not significantly impact his life.  However, because of his age, he had a difficult time recovering from his injuries. 

We were able to show that our client’s life was turned upside down through his testimony and through his children’s testimony.  As a result, we were able to help our client financially recover the amount he was entitled to for his injuries and damages.

At White and Williams, we carefully work up our client’s personal injury cases.  We work with our clients closely.  We communicate with them often and find out how their injuries impact their daily lives.  In addition, we talk to family members and friends and present them as fact witnesses.  Working up a personal injury case to ensure maximum compensation requires not only presenting medical evidence via medical records or expert testimony, but it also requires presenting witness testimony to show how the victim has been impacted by the accident and injuries.

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