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PA Dog Attack Lawyer Talks About Recent Pit Bull Attack Of A Toddler In Pennsylvania & Other Cases

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Time and time again, we see dogs attack young children.  Parents of young children cannot leave their children alone with dogs outside or in a room.  As a PA dog attack & bite injury lawyer, I often hear from parents that their children were attacked by a dog that belonged to someone they know.  This happens all the time, and it recently happened to a 2 year old in Pennsylvania.

A 2 Year Old Attacked By A Pit Bull

This past Sunday, a 2 year old was mauled to death by a pit bull outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The girl was attacked inside a home.  The girl was rushed to a Pennsylvania hospital after the dog attack, but later died from her injuries.

She was attacked by a pit bull mix at her aunt’s boyfriend’s house.  According to the toddler’s father, the entire family was at the boyfriend’s house on Sunday night.  The father was in the kitchen cooking when the dog attacked his daughter in another room.  When the father came out of the kitchen, the dog dropped the toddler.  It is unclear why the dog attacked the 2 year old girl.

A 6 Year Old Attacked By Two Rottweilers

On the same night the 2 year old was attacked, 2 young boys were attacked by their mother’s boyfriend’s in Newton, NC.  A 6 year old boy and his 10 year old brother were playing outside their mother’s boyfriend’s home when they were attacked by the boyfriend’s rottweilers.  The mother was not at the house when the attack happened because she was at work.

According to news reports, the boyfriend let his dogs out of their kennel to clean it.  He then went inside the house for a few minutes.  When he came back out, he saw the dogs mauling the boys.  The 6 year old suffered serious bites on his face.  Thankfully, the 2 boys have been released from the hospital.

Dogs Attacks & Children

Children and dogs do not mix well together.  Parents have to be especially careful when their children are around dogs, even if they are around dogs they know. Parents cannot let their guard down just because they are visiting a good friend or a relative who has a dog.  Parents cannot leave a child alone with their pets.  Dogs perceive children differently, especially toddlers.  They smell, talk and behave differently.  Anything they do can set off a dog.

Parents are naturally worried about their child's health and future, especially when a dog attack involves bites to the face, and they often do when the victim is a child.  Children may have permanent facial scars and need to have future surgery to remove the scaring.  In such situations, parents often want to know if their child has any legal rights. 

Oftentimes, they are concerned about suing someone they know, especially if the dog owner is a family member.

It is crucial for parents to talk to a dog attack/bite injury lawyer to discuss their child’s legal options.  Experienced dog bite lawyers can provide guidance and address all of the parents’ concerns and inform them of how they can protect their child’s interests legally.

We offer FREE consultations and have helped dog bite victims, including children, financially recover from the responsible parties, i.e., dog owners, breeders and trainers. 877.944.8396

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