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Avoid PA DUI Car Accidents This Holiday Season - Beware Of Drunk Drivers After Holiday Parties

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With the holidays just around the corner, many businesses and companies throw office holiday parties for their employees and/or clients.  Many parties are held at local restaurants or hotels after work where food and alcohol are served.  It is a time for employees and clients to unwind and have a good time.  Unfortunately, there is also a chance for more car, truck or pedestrian accidents around this time of year in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

At office and client holiday parties, many attendees drink alcoholic beverages, become intoxicated and may get in their cars to drive.  Obviously, this is dangerous because drunk drivers can and do cause DUI accidents and hurt others on the road.

Not only will drunk drivers face criminal penalties, they may also face civil penalties.  If a drunk driver causes a fatal car accident in Philadelphia or surrounding suburbs such as Montgomery County, he/she may be charged with Homicide by Vehicle.  In addition, the drunk driver will likely get sued by the family of the deceased victim in a PA wrongful death lawsuit.

Not only is the drunk driver responsible for injuries he/she causes to another person in a motor vehicle accident, the establishment where the party was held may also be responsible for the other person's injuries resulting from the DUI car accident.

Consider the following: An employee attends a holiday party held inside a hotel located in Philadelphia, PA.  He orders a few drinks.  He continues to drink throughout the night and becomes heavily intoxicated.  He is stumbling all over the place and slurring his words.  He goes to the bar with another colleague and tries to get another drink.  His colleague and the bartender see that he is visibly intoxicated, and his colleague tells the bartender to cut off him off and not to serve him anymore drinks.  A little while later, the drunk employee goes to the bar by himself, still visibly intoxicated.  He asks the bartender to give him a drink and leaves a big tip at the bar.  Despite the fact that the employee is visibly intoxicated, the bartender gives him a drink.  Soon after, the drunk employee gets in his car to drive home, runs a red light, hits and kills a pedestrian crossing the street in Center City, Philadelphia.

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In this situation, the drunk driver is no doubt responsible for the tragic pedestrian-car accident.  The hotel, however, may also be responsible under Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop law, which holds a business or individual that gives alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person legally responsible for any damage or injuries that person might cause to another person.  The bartender, an employee of the hotel, served the drunk employee alcohol when he was visibly intoxicated.  Therefore, the hotel may also be held civilly responsible for the deceased pedestrian and his/her family's damages as a result of the drunk driving accident caused by the office employee.

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