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PA & NJ Peanut Allergy News – Those With Peanut Allergies Should Avoid Ground or Powdered Cumin

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People who are allergic to peanuts read food labels to make sure the foods they are buying and consuming do not contain peanuts.  Many food products may not list peanuts as an ingredient, but after the list of ingredients, the label may say, “This product may contain peanuts.”  How is that possible if the ingredients do not list peanuts as an ingredient? This is due to cross-contamination.  For example, if a peanut free food product is packaged in the same machine that packaged a food product that does contain peanuts, traces of peanuts may be on the peanut free food product.

Thus, people with a severe peanut allergy should also avoid these food products in order to protect themselves from being exposed to peanuts.

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Recent Food Recalls Regarding Cumin & Peanuts

Unfortunately, no matter how careful consumers with peanut allergies are, they may still be exposed to peanuts.  For instance, take the recent food recalls regarding cumin.  There has been an increased number of recalled food products containing ground cumin or cumin powder that may have undeclared peanut protein. 

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Last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised people who are highly allergic to peanuts to avoid foods that contain cumin powder or ground cumin. Certain shipments of ground cumin and cumin power made in 2015 contain undeclared peanut protein.  According to the FDA, products made before 2014 are unlikely to contain the affected ground cumin. 

Many food manufacturing food companies use cumin in their food products. The FDA is continuing to identify companies that received shipments of the ground cumin which contained undeclared peanut protein.

The FDA is advising people with a severe peanut allergy to read food labels carefully.  If the food has cumin or “spices” (which often contain cumin), they may want to avoid it because the cumin may contain undeclared peanut protein.

For a list of the recalled foods, visit www.fda.gov.  The FDA will continue to update the list after identifying other companies that received the affected shipments.

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Help After Accidental Exposures To Food Allergens In PA & NJ

If you were exposed to a food allergen due to the negligence of a restaurant, bar, school, etc., you have legal rights.  Call our personal injury lawyers who are licensed in PA and NJ to schedule a FREE consultation. 877.944.8396

*Source: www.foodsafetynews.com (Update: FDA Consumer Advisory Suggests Those With Peanut Allergies Avoid Ground or Powdered Cumin)

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