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A Sports Injury Lawyer Discusses A7FL In PA & NJ – Football Without Helmets

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Professional and amateur sports are hugely popular in the U.S.  Families gather around the television or go to sports stadiums to watch their favorite sports teams, whether it is baseball or football.

Many sports require or result in players tackling each other, fighting with each other, etc.  This is true for football where players are required to tackle players on the other team, or hockey where players fighting is just part of the sport.  For many spectators, tackling and fighting are part of the excitement in watching professional sports.  However, players are getting permanently hurt in the process.  Head injuries and concussions have been the center of attention in contact sports in recent years.  This is due in large part to the lawsuits filed by retired football players against the NFL.  The players alleged that the NFL knew about the links between football-related head traumas and permanent brain injuries and failed to take appropriate action to protect the players.  See NFL Head Injury & Concussion Lawsuit – One Step Closer To Resolution.

Many research studies have been devoted to understanding concussions, head injuries in football in hopes of making better helmets to protect the players.  However, better helmets may not be the answer.  Playing without helmets may be the answer to preventing head injuries and permanent brain injuries in football players.

A7FL, a seven on seven, full contact football league, operates with no protective equipment.  Players do not wear helmets or pads.  The goal of A7FL is to reduce head injuries and other injuries without sacrificing the physicality of the sport many love.  A7FL is in a few states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Players use a proper tackling technique that is safe and reduces head injuries. The founders say that the hits are just as hard but are made safer by using proper tackling techniques.

In fact, there is an ongoing study in the University of New Hampshire that is testing the Helmetless Tackling Training Technique, where a group of players practice once a week without helmets or pads.  The researchers believe that when players have protective equipment on, such as helmets and pads, they will lead with the protected body part when a hit is imminent.  Without the protective equipment, players are more likely to keep their heads out of the contact zone and avoid head injuries and repetitive hits to the head.  Though the study has not concluded, coaches say that they see a difference in how the players are tackling. See No Helmets In Football? By A PA & NJ Head Injury Lawyer.

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