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Other Parties Beyond Dog Owners Responsible For Dog Bite Injuries & Attacks

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Daniel J. O'Brien
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My clients who sustain injures from a dog bite or attack are often surprised at the initial meeting when we discuss who the responsible parties may be, i.e. sellers, breeders and trainers.  The right questions must be asked at the initial meeting and a plan must be formulated to ensure the best outcome for a dog bite/attack injury lawsuit.

A real life example is illuminating. I handled a case in which an older woman who lived alone and who worked full-time entered into a “breeding contract” with a kennel that bred Rottweilers. Under this contract, the grandmother was given a Rottweiler for free in exchange for housing and raising it. She was even given a supply of food and some rudimentary veterinary care. The goal was to have someone other than the kennel house raise the dog. The woman was required under the contract to bring the dog back to the kennel periodically to be bred. The puppies would then be given to the kennel. After a certain number of breeding cycles, ownership of the dog would pass to the woman. The kennel gave the woman absolutely no instructions as to how to socialize or train this dog properly. The kennel did not ask the woman a single question about her living arrangement, whether she would be able to walk the dog, where the dog would be housed, etc. The dog was actually kept indoors alone all day. The woman made a habit of physically isolating the dog from all visitors. This created a classic “guard dog” temperament. The dog became very aggressive toward visitors to the home. One day, a very young child visited the woman’s home. The dog was able to escape from its isolation. The dog attacked the young girl with tragic consequences.

I was able to develop and prove an ironclad case of negligence against this commercial breeder. The outcome was a recovery for the young girl that was at least ten times greater than what she would have been able to recover from the woman’s homeowner’s insurance company alone. That outcome was made possible by having a plan and asking the right questions from day one.

For more information, access our legal article to read about responsible parties for injuries sustained in a dog bite or attack. You can also contact us at 1.877.944.8396.



**DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide legal advice.  Every case is unique and it is crucial to get a qualified, expert legal opinion prior to making any decisions about your case.


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