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Food Allergy Cases & Lawsuits - Girl Suffered Severe Allergy Reaction After Inhaling Peanut Particles On An Airplane

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As a personal injury lawyer, I not only represent individuals injured in accidents, such as car accidents, slip and fall accidents, etc., I also provide information on how to prevent accidents and what individuals should do after accidents.  One of the areas I talk about is food allergies and accidental exposure due to someone's negligence.

I often provide tips for parents whose children have food allergies, i.e., peanut allergy, tree nut allergy, etc., on how to prevent accidental exposures in certain situations.  There are things parents can do when they are dining out or traveling on a plane.  However, as cautious as parents are, they cannot control what other people do.  Due to the negligence of other people, accidental exposures occur.  I recently came across an article where a 4 year old girl almost died on a plane due to another passenger's actions.

The 4 year old girl was from the UK and was traveling home with her parents from a family vacation.  The girl is severely allergic to nuts.  Her parents told the airline of their daughter's severe allergy, and 3 announcements were made informing passengers of a passenger with a severe peanut allergy.  The announcement further said that the crew would not be selling nuts on the flight, and if passengers purchased nuts in the airport, they should not be consumed. *Source: www.dailystar.co.uk (Girl, 4, almost dies on plane after selfish passenger opens bag of nuts)

20 minutes after the flight, the little girl told her mom that her face hurt and started scratching her cheeks.  The mom then told the crew that she believed someone opened nuts on the plane.  The girl's breathing got worse, her tongue began to swell and her lips began to blister.  She stopped breathing and became unconscious.  An EpiEen was administered and the girl was thankfully revived.

As it turned out, a passenger sitting 4 rows away opened a packet of nuts despite the announcements made on board.  Apparently, the man got in an argument with a passenger who sat near him before opening the packet of nuts.  The nearby passenger told him not to open the nuts, but the man ignored the nearby passenger's warning and opened his packet of nuts anyway.

Even though the 4 year old girl did not eat anything with peanuts in it, she was so allergic to peanuts that inhaling nut particles in the air triggered an allergic reaction.  The girl's parents couldn't even remove her from the exposure because they were stuck on the plane.

People who do not have food allergies need to know that people with severe food allergies can have serious allergic reactions just by inhaling an allergen.  If people dismiss the seriousness of food allergies, individuals with food allergies will have severe allergic reactions and may even die as a result.  In addition, they may be liable for the injuries/damages sustained by individuals with food allergies.

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