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As this school year is well on its way, many high school seniors are driving themselves to school in Pennsylvania.  For many parents, turning over car keys to their sons and daughters can be a painful experience.  Parents want to instill independence in their teen drivers, but are also worried to death about their safety.  After all, they won't be next to their children when they drive to school, and teen drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in car accidents than experienced drivers in Pennsylvania.

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Teen Drivers Think They Are Invincible

There are several reasons why teen drivers are more prone to motor vehicle accidents.  First, many teens are over confident in their driving skills and believe accidents won't happen to them.  They think they are invincible.

Teen Drivers Are Inexperienced

Second, due to their lack of driving experience, teen drivers often fail at anticipating potential dangers.  For example, when driving through a rural area, they fail to anticipate deer running into the road. 

Passenger Distractions

Another reason teen drivers are more prone to car crashes is due to passenger distraction.  Teen drivers may have their friends in the cars.  Their friends may be goofing around having a great time, and this is a dangerous distraction for teen drivers.  Passengers may turn the music really loud and dance in the car.  Teen drivers inevitably want to join the fun and dance as well.  Therefore, their attention is taken away from the road.

Texting Or Talking On The Phone While Driving

Lastly, another common reason that PA teen drivers are involved in accidents is due to texting or talking on their cell phones while driving.  Many teens are glued to their smartphones.  Texting their friends is the primary way teens communicate with each other.  When teens drivers hear a new text alert coming from their phones, many can't help but grab their phones and see who is texting them.  As a result, they take their eyes off the road and cause a serious car accident or hit a pedestrian who is crossing the street.

Therefore, it is important for parents to talk to their teen drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and have the conversation often.  When distracted driving accidents are reported in the news, parents can talk to their teen drivers about them. 

Parents can also establish rules for their children while they drive.  For example, parents can prohibit their teen drivers from having other teens in the car for the first year after they start to drive to avoid passenger distractions.

The personal injury lawyers at White and Williams have helped many Pennsylvania car accident victims.  They are also committed to helping stop teens from texting or talking while driving by talking to teen drivers about the dangers of distracted driving at their high schools.  To learn more about our Teen Driving Summit program, call 877.944.8396.

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