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Texting While Driving In Pennsylvania – By A PA Car Accident Injury Lawyer

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We see distracted drivers every day.  If you take a look around you the next time you are in your car, I am 100% you will see someone doing something on their phone.  They may be talking on their phones, texting on their phones or even taking “selfies” of themselves while driving.  These are the distractions drivers face with increased use of cellphones and smartphones in the last several years. 

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I have always told my young sons that when mommy and daddy drive, we do not use our phones to talk or text while driving because it is very dangerous and people can get hurt.  The other day, we were stopped at a red light, and my 5 year old said, “Mommy, why is that person looking down and playing with her phone?” I looked over to the white van next to me, I see a girl in her 20s texting on her pink phone.

Before I could answer, the light turned green and I started to go.  The girl was still stopped at the stop light.  My son then to said, “She is still looking down, how can she see? I hope she doesn’t hit someone.”

After other drivers behind her honked at her, she finally started to go.  She then passed me, and I saw that she was STILL on her phone texting and laughing.  Then, her car started to drift over to another lane, and she almost hit the car in the other lane. 

Why don’t drivers understand the deadly consequences of texting while driving? It is illegal for PA drivers to text while driving, but many drivers continue to do so. Link to law

Even my 5 year old knows that when you are looking down at the phone, you cannot see the road.  He knows that it is dangerous.  Why don’t adult drivers know that? What is so funny in a text that is worth potentially ruining other people’s lives?  Many drivers think that they can text because they are “safe” drivers and are able to multi-task. 

When you see commercials for distracted driving and even in my car accident cases where I represent the victims, drivers who were texting and caused the accidents didn’t think it could happen to them.

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FREE Consultation After A Pennsylvania Texting While Driving Accident

Victims of texting while driving accidents may have serious injuries and may not be able to work, go back to school or even take care of their families.  As a result, they have a heavy financial burden.  Moreover, they are worried about their medical bills, how they are going to pay for them and take care of their families.  Injured victims of texting while driving accidents have legal rights and may be entitled to financial compensation. 

If you were injured, call 877.944.8396 to schedule a FREE legal consultation.

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