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The Duty To Keep A Supermarket Safe From Slip And Fall Hazards|PA Slip Fall Injury Lawyers

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This past week, ShopRite, a local supermarket, had its semi-annual can can sale.  Essentially, all canned goods at the store are on sale.  During this sale, the grocery store is totally chaotic and packed with customers stocking up on canned goods for several months.

I didn't have any intentions of going to ShopRite this past week, but had to stop in on my way home one night to pick up milk for my kids.

When I got there, I was completely shocked.  There were so many people.  There were also displays of cans piled sky high and also loose cans on the floor.

Of course, the slip and fall injury lawyer in me could not help but think that the grocery store will probably get sued if a customer gets hurt by tripping over one of the cans on the floor.

In such a case, the customer would have to prove the following:

  • the store had a duty to protect its customers from harm;
  • the store breached its duty;
  • the store's breach of duty caused the customer's injuries; and
  • the customer sustained injuries as a result.

Supermarkets have a duty to keep the store safe and free from dangerous conditions, such as tripping hazards on the floor.  Loose cans on the floor certainly are tripping hazards.

In addition to proving the above elements, the injured customer would also need to prove that the supermarket had actual notice of the dangerous condition or that the condition existed long enough so that the public establishment would have constructive notice.

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