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The Importance Of Wearing A Bicycle Helmet When Riding|PA NJ Sports & Recreation Accident Lawyer

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Summer is a time when you see a lot of people riding bicycles.  Whether it is riding with a group to exercise or with friends around the neighborhood, it is so important to wear a helmet when anyone rides a bike. 

Riders often sustain very serious injuries when they get hit by a car, truck, or bus.  Due to the size of the cars compared to the bicycles, riders often get knocked off their bikes when they are hit by cars, trucks or buses.  Even a low speed impact can send riders off their bikes.

When cars or trucks are traveling at high speeds and hit bicycles, the impact is hard and violent.  Riders are often thrown several feet off the bicycles, causing riders to hit the pavement.  When riders are not wearing helmets and hit the pavement, the impact to the head can cause traumatic brain injuries.  Other injuries may include broken bones throughout the body.

Because riders, in general, do not have much physical protection when accidents occur, helmets are critical for bikers to prevent head injuries in the event of an accident.

In Pennsylvania, the law does not require riders to wear bicycle helmets.  The law only requires cyclists under the age of 12 to wear bicycle helmets.  Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidate Statutes, Section 3510 provides:

Pedalcycle helmets for certain persons.
(a) General rule.-- A person under 12 years of age shall not operate a pedalcycle or ride as a passenger on a pedalcycle unless the person is wearing a pedalcycle helmet meeting the standards of the American Standards Institute, the American Society for Testing and Materials, the Snell Memorial Foundation's Standards for Protective Headgear for Use in Bicycling or any other nationally recognized standard for pedalcycle helmet approval. This subsection shall also apply to a person who rides: (1) upon a pedalcycle while in a restraining seat attached to a pedalcycle; or (2) in a trailer towed by a pedalcycle.

Pennsylvania Bicycle And Car Or Truck Accidents

When bicycle riders are injured due to the negligence of car or truck drivers, they are entitled to recover damages from the negligent drivers.  Injuries sustained in a bicycle/car accident are often serious and require extensive medical treatment. If you were injured by a car while riding a bicycle in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, feel free to contact Dan O’Brien, Esquire, a lifelong athlete who has represented many individuals in sports and recreational activity accident cases in PA and NJ.  877.944.8396

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