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Untreated Traumatic Brain Injuries In Serious Car, Bus & Truck Accidents

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As a personal injury lawyer, I have helped many serious car, bus and truck accident victims in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Some of my clients had traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI) that went untreated for some time. 

In one particular case, my client was in a serious bus accident, sustained catastrophic orthopedic injuries and remained in the hospital for several weeks. She also had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that was untreated for some time after the accident.

My client had multiple fractures and broken bones throughout her body. She was put in an induced coma and underwent multiple surgeries over several days. She was then taken out of the coma and was able to communicate with her doctors and family with no difficulty.

Even though brain imaging studies showed that there may have been a head injury or some hematomas (clotted blood), further workup was delayed for several reasons.  First, due to the catastrophic orthopedic injuries, all of the focus was on treating my client's orthopedic injuries.  Second, since some time had passed from the day of the accident, the head injury work up may have fallen to the way side.  Third, my client did not show any signs of cognitive impairment when she talked to her doctors or family members.

After my client was released from the hospital, she began to notice some cognitive changes and impairments.  Going back to work was quite difficult.  She couldn’t remember some of the responsibilities she performed at her job.  At home, performing simple tasks such as balancing a checkbook became a challenge.  Going to the grocery store also posed as a challenge because she could not remember what she went there to buy.  In addition, she had frequent headaches, memory problems and was often fatigued.  Eventually, she went back to the doctors and was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.

My client and her family wondered why they didn’t know that she had a TBI until after she left the hospital.  One reason is because she was not required to do any of her normal daily activities in the hospital.  She did not have to perform any activities that required full use of her cognitive abilities..

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If you think a loved one sustained a traumatic brain injury after a serious car, bus or truck accident in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, feel free to contact our car accident lawyers for a free consultation.  Traumatic brain injuries may be difficult to prove because the injured person may not seem affected in everyday life.  Therefore, it is important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to present mild traumatic brain injury cases.  877.944.8396

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