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Why More Car & Pedestrian Accidents Happen at the Jersey Shore During the Summer|NJ Car Accident Attorney

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Daniel J. O'Brien
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Being a personal injury lawyer, I am very attuned to the nature and frequency of the accidents people get into. I’ve noticed that individuals who live at the shore tend to get into more accidents during the summer months. No surprise there, since there are far more people in town in the summer than in the off season. There are simply more “moving pieces” in a beach town during the summer than in the winter.

However, I have also noticed that people who visit the shore during the summer tend to get into accidents with greater frequency than when they are at home. Also, the types of accidents tend to be different. I have analyzed and researched a number of these accidents, and have identified certain risk factors or elements that tend to recur in Jersey Shore accident cases.

There is “something different” about being at the shore. People are in unfamiliar settings. They are engaging in activities that they frequently do not do at home. They are driving, walking and riding bikes on streets that they are not familiar with. They are exposing themselves to natural and manmade forces that they do not encounter the other 50 or 51 weeks of the year.

When car or pedestrian accidents happen, and serious injuries result, attorneys representing the accident victims have to take all of these various factors into account in analyzing the relative strengths and weaknesses of the case.  Facts that initially seem to hurt an accident victim’s case may, when taken in proper perspective and presented properly, help the victim’s case. Context is everything when analyzing facts in a personal injury case. And, like I said, things are different at the shore.

It is important that if you are at the shore this summer, you exercise extra precaution and remain aware of your environment as accidents happen more often at the Jersey Shore during the summer months.  If you were in a car or pedestrian accident at the Jersey Shore and have questions about your rights, feel free to contact our experienced New Jersey car and pedestrian accident lawyers.

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