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Can the New Device cellCONTROL Stop Texting While Driving and Accidents?

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Scosche, a company that sells car accessories and Bluetooth accessories created and introduced a new device called cellCONTROL, which blocks calls the moment the car starts to move.  The device is activated online, an application is downloaded onto the cell phone, and the device is plugged directly into an OBD-II port in the car, typically located under the dashboard.  However, the phone works once the device detects a hands-free headset.  If the device is removed, it will alert the administrator via email or text.  The price for cellCONTROL starts at $129.95.

I personally asked my friends who have teens, friends who have no kids and other family members about what they think of this device.  Some of my friends who are parents think  this is a great device because they know that their child is not texting while driving.  Some think it's great because it alerts them when the device is removed. 

Though it may seem like a good device, it still allows the driver to use the phone if there is a Bluetooth.  Many believe that using a Bluetooth is not distracted driving, but it is.  Using a hands-free device still takes the driver's attention off the road and can still cause serious car accidents and injuries.  Rather than trying to invent devices to block phone signals, wouldn't it be easier to just turn off the cell phone or put it in the glove compartment?

Even though Pennsylvania law allows drivers to use a hand-free device while driving, the driver who causes the accident can still be sued for different types of claims: negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and loss of consortium and punitive damages.

To learn more about these types of claims, read our free legal article:  Car Accidents Due to Cell Phone Use-What Types of Claims an Injured Party Can Make in Pennsylvania or New Jersey

Help After Being Injured in a Texting While Driving Accident
If you have been seriously injured in a car accident because of cell phone use or texting while driving in PA or NJ, contact our experienced PA and NJ personal injury lawyers at White and Williams.  1-877-944-8396. We will provide a free, no obligation consultation on your case.

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