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Are players liable for injuries to other players in a sports game or practice?


Yes, in Pennsylvania, players can be held liable to other players who sustain serious injuries.  It depends on many factors such as: type of sport (contact versus no contact), whether there was protective gear, whether there were no contact rules, age/skill of the players involved. Each case is unique and only a qualified sports accident and injury lawyer will be able to determine whether an injured player has claims against other players.

Under Pennsylvania law, a player who acts recklessly with regard to another player can be held liable for the latter’s injuries. Acting recklessly means consciously disregarding the safety of others.

A recent Pennsylvania court case provides a useful example. Archibald v. Kemble, a 2009 Pennsylvania Superior Court case involved an adult no-check hockey game where the plaintiff was checked by the defendant, another player.  Plaintiff suffered serious injures as a result. 

The court discussed the nature of a no-check hockey game and found that there was enough evidence that the defendant had acted recklessly and allowed the case to go forward to trial. There were two main factors in the case: that it was a no-check adult league and the defendant was a seasoned hockey player. Because of these two facts, the court held that the defendant could be held liable for checking the plaintiff, which led to his serious injuries.

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If you or a loved on has been seriously injured in a sporting accident in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or New Jersey areas, contact Dan O’Brien, our sports accident lawyer.  He has handled many sports accident cases and will discuss your case with you in a free, no obligation legal consultation.  877.944.8396

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