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Can I trust the doctor who my employer's insurer is asking me to see after I was injured in a work accident?


A: If you don't trust the doctor your employer's insurer is asking you to see after a Philadelphia construction accident, you can switch doctors after a 90-day period or you can get a second opinion.

If your employer has accepted your Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation claim and provided you with a list of at least 6 physicians or other health care providers, you will need to see any one of those physicians for your initial treatment. Additionally, you must continue to see that physician for the first 90 days after your initial visit.

If your physician recommends surgery, you can get a second opinion at your employer's expense; however, any treatment prescribed as a result of the second opinion must be provided by a physician on your employer's list for a period of 90 days.

If you see a physician within the 90-day period who is not on the list, your employer could refuse to pay for the treatment. Once the 90-day period has passed or if your employer has no list of physicians for you to see, you can visit any physician for treatment but you must notify your employer. Your employer or your employer's insurance carrier is entitled to receive monthly updates from your health care provider.

Your doctor's monthly reports will have an impact on the benefits you receive. Be mindful that the doctor is being paid for by your employer/insurance carrier, and therefore could be motivated to minimize your injuries. The doctor might even try to trick you into saying you have a pre-existing condition. If you have no pre-existing conditions, say so, and be firm. Also, the doctor's office is no place for stoicism. If you're in pain, admit it.

Although you are entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits after a Philadelphia construction accident, you might be entitled to more compensation if other parties, such as equipment manufacturers, contributed to your injuries.

You can get the assistance of a Philadelphia construction injury lawyer to conduct an investigation to determine all liable parties and if necessary, move forward with a construction accident claim.

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