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Can my Philadelphia landlord be held liable for failing to repair or correct conditions that led to my injury?


A: Your Philadelphia landlord could be held liable for failing to repair or correct conditions that led to you being injured. Liability will depend on a variety of factors, which a Pennsylvania lawyer can evaluate in your case. Building owner liability isn’t always easy to establish, so consulting with a lawyer who handles premises liability cases is important.

One way that landlords could be held liable is if they should have reasonably known about a hazardous condition. This can be a challenge to prove because what is considered reasonable to one person may not be to another. It is also a good reason to seek legal counsel.

Maintenance and inspections may reveal problems, possibly indicating the landlord’s liability. If this information doesn’t result in corrections, it could be a basis for your claim. 

If there is a failure to perform regular inspections or maintenance, this potentially could lead to building owner liability. It would be expected that a landlord would perform these duties in order to maintain a safe environment.

Landlords could be found liable if you informed them of a hazardous condition, yet they failed to follow through on repairing or removing it. However, it’s important that you document any communication you have with your landlord; it could be used as evidence later on. If you have something in writing, that evidence is even better.

Proving building owner liability will require evidence, which a Pennsylvania lawyer could help in collecting if he or she believes you have a valid personal injury case. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to evaluate the details of your claim. 

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