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My daughter fractured her ankle when she tried to dismount from a balance beam during gymnastics. Apparently, no one was spotting her and she is a beginner. Is the coach or the gymnastics facility responsible for her injury?



Yes, the coach and the gymnastic facility may be liable for your daughter’s fractured ankle.  In general, coaches are supposed to supervise the participants to ensure that they do not get hurt.  A gymnastic facility is no exception.

In general, there are two types of supervision: general supervision and specific supervision.  General supervision is when a coach may just observe multiple participants and offer verbal instruction.  On the other hand, specific supervision is when the activity requires the coach’s individual or close supervision.  Furthermore, for any first time activity, specific supervision is required.

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In your daughter’s situation, it can be argued that dismounting from a balance beam is an activity that requires specific supervision.  Furthermore, because your daughter is a beginner gymnast, she needed someone to spot her and teach her so she would not hurt herself when she attempted to dismount.

Therefore, the coach and the facility may have been negligent in failing to provide adequate and proper supervision for your daughter.  Some of the damages your daughter may be able to recover are medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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