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My son was bitten in the face by a dog, and the doctor told me that he is going to need reconstructive surgery when he gets older. How do we recover that medical cost when it didn’t happen yet?



In order to recover for your son’s current injuries, medical expenses, as well as future medical expenses, you may need to file a Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuit or a New Jersey dog bite lawsuit against the dog owner depending on which state you reside in.

Unfortunately, young children who are bitten and attacked by dogs often require future surgery.  Sometimes, they may require multiple surgeries.  Future corrective and plastic surgeries may be required to remove scars.  See Scars & Dog Bite Lawsuits In Pennsylvania - Proving The Extent Of The Damages

Whether you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, if you file a dog bite lawsuit in either state, you may be able to recover monetary damages, including future medical and surgical costs, from the dog owner’s homeowner or renter’s insurance policy.  However, some homeowner and renter’s insurance policies do not cover dog attacks.  Therefore, it is crucial to determine whether the dog owner has liability insurance policy to cover your son’s injuries.  To read more about dog bite lawsuits and liability coverage, see Insurance Coverage For Victims' Injuries In Dog Attack Or Dog Bite Cases

Once it is determined that the dog owner has homeowner's liability coverage, future medical and surgical costs are included as part the damages.  In order to establish future medical procedure and costs, a physician’s report or testimony is necessary to confirm the need for future surgery.  In addition, a life care planner’s report or testimony is needed to assess the associated costs necessary for your son’s future medical surgery.

In addition to the dog owner, there may also be other parties liable for your son’s dog attack and future medical bills.  Trainers or breeders may also be responsible depending on the circumstances.  Therefore, it is important to talk to a dog bite injury lawyer who knows Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s dog bite laws.  Further the lawyer also needs to conduct a thorough investigation to determine all liable parties. See Liability Beyond The Dog Owner | Philadelphia, PA & NJ Dog Bite Lawyers

Each dog bite case is different, and it is best to speak to a PA or NJ dog bite injury lawyer to help your son recover the financial compensation he is entitled to.  Feel free to call me at 877.944.8396 to discuss your son’s dog attack. 

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