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PA Dangerous Products Lawsuit–Can You Sue Chair Manufacturer After Falling Off Chair?


A: I fell off of a chair after the seat collapsed and got injured.  I was standing on the chair to get something down from the cabinet.  I just bought the chair.  Do I have any legal rights?

Yes, you do.  You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the chair manufacturer.  These types of cases are known as dangerous products or products liability cases.  If the chair was defective, then you may be able to recover for your injuries and damages.

The chair can be defective in 3 ways: design defect, manufacturing defect and failure to include warnings or instructions.  The 3 types of defects are not mutually exclusive.  A product can have a design defect in addition to not including instructions or warnings for the consumer.

In order to know what kind of defect the chair has, we would need to conduct an inspection.  If you still have the chair, we would need to have the chair inspected by an expert.  We would also need to inspect documents relating to the design and manufacturing process from the manufacturer to see if there were any defects.  Products liability cases are complicated and require a thorough investigation.

Aside from the chair manufacturer, you may have a claim against the store that you bought the chair from.  Many stores offer to assemble the furniture for their customers.  If you paid the store to assemble the chair, you may have a claim against the store due to the store's negligence in assembling the chair.  Let’s assume you buy the chair at a store that offers to assemble the furniture for a fee and you decide to pay the store to assemble the chair for you.  During the assembling process, the store employee forgot to put in a couple of screws.  As a result, the chair collapsed when you stepped on it.  The chair was not defective in any way, and it collapsed due to the store employee’s negligence or mistake. In this situation, you would have a personal injury case against the store for the employee’s negligence.

Whether you have a PA dangerous products case against the manufacturer or a PA injury case against the furniture store, the damages you may be able to recover are the same, and they include:

  • past and future medical expenses,
  • past and future lost wages, if any, and
  • pain and suffering.

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