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How does a product warranty affect my Pennsylvania product liability claim?


A: A manufacturer's written warranty can be used as evidence in your product liability claim. If the manufacturer's warranty highlighted the safety or performance of the product, those standards should have been met. Consequently, if the manufacturer didn't meet its own safety standards, a Philadelphia dangerous products lawyer would be able to show that the product was defective.

Three warranties that are associated with dangerous products include:

  • Express warranty - this kind of warranty may be oral or written. For example, a salesperson may say a certain product will be free of defects for 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • Implied warranty of merchantability - this mandates that the product as well as the packaging container meet certain quality and safety standards. Ask your Philadelphia dangerous products lawyer if this type of warranty applies in your particular case.
  • Implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose - with this warranty, the seller essentially warrants the safety and fitness of the product for its intended purpose. 

If the dangerous product that caused your injuries did not live up to a warranty, you may have evidence to build a solid dangerous products claim. If the manufacturer disclaims all implied warranties, you should consult with a Philadelphia dangerous products lawyer. This is because an attorney has an awareness of the rules in place for manufacturers to successfully disclaim implied warranties.

An experienced Philadelphia dangerous products lawyer has vast knowledge of product liability cases and will fight to help prove your case and seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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