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I fell down stairs in Pennsylvania.  Do I have a case?



You may have a case, but there is no way to be sure unless there is a thorough investigation into what caused you to fall and whether you can prove it. Only a qualified slip and fall accident lawyer will be able to discuss the case with you and advise you on how to proceed.

In order to recover under Pennsylvania law, a stairway accident victim must prove the following:

1. the landowner/landlord owed a duty,
2. there was a defect,
3. the landowner/landlord knew of or should have known of the defect,
4. the defect caused the accident, and
5. damages.

Having pictures of the defect is not required, but will be very helpful in proving exactly what caused you to fall.  Eyewitness testimony is also helpful. However, even without pictures or eyewitness testimony, you may still be able to prove that there was a defect with your own, clear testimony.

In our experience, many stairway accidents are caused by inadequate maintenance and inspection, improper lighting, spilled food/liquid, improper stairway construction/work, and more.  For instance, stairways which exhibit outward, noticeable signs of structural weakness, when left uninspected, may collapse.  The landowner or landlord may be liable.  In cases where spilled food/liquid is the cause of the fall, investigating the landowner/landlord's inspection procedures and protocol may reveal that no inspections were ever performed.

The bottom line is that proper, thorough investigation is crucial.  Access our free legal article to read more about stairway accidents and what you can recover under Pennsylvania or New Jersey law.

If you'd like your case reviewed by our PA & NJ stairway accident lawyers, call 877.944.8396 for a free, no obligation consultation. 

**This website does not provide legal advice. Every case is unique and it is crucial to get a qualified, expert legal opinion prior to making any decisions about your case. 

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