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I tripped and fell at a store in Pennsylvania. Is the store liable for my injuries and medical bills?



Under Pennsylvania law, stores and other businesses have an obligation to make sure that the store grounds and adjacent areas are free of unreasonably dangerous conditions, like trip and fall or slip and fall hazards. Stores can be held liable for negligence in maintaining the store premises.

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Negligence is generally defined as the failure to do something that should be done or doing something that should not be done. In a store fall accident situation, the store may be held liable for the following types of defective conditions which result in a trip and fall accident:

  • stairway and stair defects,
  • protrusions in walking areas,
  • concrete defects in walking areas,
  • sidewalk defects, and
  • parking lot asphalt defects.

The key in any fall accident case in Pennsylvania is proving that the store had prior, actual knowledge about the condition, or the circumstances are such that the store should have known about it. Succeeding in a lawsuit will require evidence of the defect itself as well as evidence that the store’s employees either knew about the condition or should have known about it.

Damages Recoverable in a Store Fall Accident Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

You may be entitled to receive financial compensation for your injuries, financial losses and pain and suffering. It is important to keep all documentation including medical bills, receipts, paystubs, etc. Later on, these paper documents will likely be used to support the specific claims, such as wage loss claims or out of pocket expense claims.

In order to proceed, it is crucial to speak to a fall accident lawyer in Pennsylvania immediately. These claims often depend on proving that there was in fact a defective, dangerous condition and also proving negligence. Time is often of the essence in these types of cases. An attorney can inspect the area to determine the nature and extent of the condition.

After the accident occurs, you may receive phone calls from store employees or insurance agents representing the store. You should not speak to an insurance agent or representative for the store at any time, without first consulting with a lawyer.

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Medical Pay (Med Pay)

Some commercial insurance policies have what is known as med pay coverage which may cover medical bills and related expenses. Coverage amounts, conditions and terms vary with each policy. Generally, med pay claims can be made without regard to fault. In other words, an injured customer may be able to make a med pay claim, regardless of whether the store was negligent or not. There may be time limitations so it is important to seek legal help as soon as possible.

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