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I've protected my allergic child his whole life, now he is going off to college, what do we do now?



A lot of parents of food allergic children have been very involved with their school aged children, such as the child's school cafeteria, seating arrangements and things like that.

When these kids grow up and go off to college or move away to get a job, they are faced with a whole new set of challenges.  That is exactly what is happening with the big bubble population of food allergic kids.

Colleges, employers and the food service industry should certainly be aware of the situation, and they simply have to start taking food allergy issues seriously.

3 tips to consider:

1. Make sure the child has a current EpiPen with them at all times, i.e., in their bag, in their dorm, etc. One mistake many food allergy sufferers make is letting their EpiPens expire and not checking periodically to ensure the pens are current.
2. Depending on how severe the allergy is, you may consider speaking to school administrators about proper food labeling in the cafeteria. You might also consider having a current EpiPen available at the cafeteria.
3. Children whose parents have always resolved food allergy issues for them will need to learn to identify ways to protect themselves. Have that conversation with your child now and as often as appropriate.

Help After A Severe Allergic Reaction To Food

If you or a loved one had a severe allergic reaction to food due to someone else's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.  If you would like to explore your legal rights, feel free to contact the personal injury lawyers at White and Williams LLP. 877.944.8396

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