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I was walking on a sidewalk in Philadelphia, and I tripped and fell on an uneven sidewalk and seriously injured myself. What should I do if I am thinking of bringing a lawsuit?


A: In trip and fall cases, it is often helpful to have pictures of the dangerous condition that caused the fall, which in this case is the uneven sidewalk.

If possible, try to take pictures of the sidewalk
soon after your trip and fall accident. If too much time passes between the fall and the time you go to take the pictures, the sidewalk may be fixed already. If you do not have pictures, it does not mean that you don't have a case. You need to talk to an experienced premises liability lawyer to discuss your legal rights and the next steps.

One fact that needs to be determined is who is responsible for maintaining or taking care of the sidewalk. Typically, the responsible party would be the property owner.

In your case, you fell on a sidewalk in Philadelphia; therefore, the city of Philadelphia may be another liable party.

It is crucial to talk to an experienced premises liability or fall down lawyer to determine the responsible parties. To learn more about possible responsible parties, click here to read our legal article: Parties Responsible for Pedestrians' Injuries in Trip and Fall Accidents on a Public Sidewalk.

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