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Is there anything I can do to help my personal injury case?



Your actions in the minutes, days, weeks and months after suffering a serious injury in a Philadelphia accident can greatly impact the success of your Philadelphia personal injury case.

By taking the proper precautions at the outset-including fully documenting the accident, filing a police report and never admitting fault of any kind-you are on the path to securing a more successful personal injury claim.

In addition to exercising extreme caution in what you do and say after a accident, your partnership with your Philadelphia injury lawyer is one of your greatest assets in developing and protecting your personal injury claim.

Be honest and forth-coming with your Philadelphia injury lawyer about the details of your accident, the nature and extent of your injuries, your current medical treatment and your past health concerns.

Insurance companies and the lawyers for the person(s) who caused your injury are naturally going to be looking for any holes in your personal injury claim. If you don't disclose every pertinent detail to your Philadelphia injury lawyer at the outset, you risk their being unprepared if something comes to light during settlement negotiations or at trial, should you proceed with a lawsuit.

Likewise, you should always answer a question from an insurance company representative politely and honestly, but without elaboration. Be very cautious with your answers in order to prevent yourself from saying too much, but never lie, as this will more-than-likely come back to haunt you and significantly damage your claim.

Heed any medical advice or directives given to you by your doctors in the course of your recovery from your Philadelphia accident injuries. Failure to do so will not only impede your healing process, but also looks very bad in the course of a personal injury claim.

Retaining a Philadelphia Injury Lawyer 

You should always take advantage of a free consultation or case evaluation when interviewing potential lawyers
. If you have already been offered a settlement, a Philadelphia injury lawyer can review the terms and compensation and suggest if it's fair or if you should negotiate with their help.

Your accident injuries may have a lasting impact on you and your family and you deserve to be fairly compensated for them. An experienced Philadelphia injury lawyer from White & Williams LLC will help negotiate for your due compensation so you can focus on recovery. Contact us today for a free case evaluation - 1-877-944-8396

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