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My child fell at a playground and hit his head. His school did nothing about the incident. What should I do?



There are two issues here: 1. ensuring that your child gets proper medical treatment if he sustained a concussion and 2. how to deal with the school.

Getting a Child Proper Medical Treatment After a Head Injury

Unfortunately, even mild head injuries can cause a brain injury. Getting proper medical attention is the first and most important thing a parent can do if their child suffered a head injury.

It is important to note that cognitive defects are not always apparent on an MRI or CT scan. Therefore, following up with a neurologist or neuropsychologist may be necessary, even if the child was discharged from an emergency room or family doctors.

Parents should keep a lookout for:

  • vomiting,
  • nausea,
  • dizziness,
  • changes in personality, such as increased aggression,
  • vision disturbances, such as sensitivity to light, and
  • headaches/migraines.

Liability in a School Playground Accident Situation

In most situations when a child suffers a head injury, parents will not need to ever step foot in a lawyer's office. However, in situations where a severe head injury occurs, or repeat head injuries lead to lasting cognitive defects, parents may be forced to seek legal help to deal with liability of the school, daycare center, etc.

Claims will vary, depending on the circumstances of the accident or injury. For instance, there may be a products liability claim against the playground structure manufacturer as well as a negligent supervision claim against the school. For more information about head injuries and playground accidents, click here.

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