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My husband suffered serious burn injuries as a result of being electrocuted while he was moving a ladder at a construction site. How is that possible?


A: Without speaking to your husband or knowing more facts, there could be various factors which caused his electrocution. 

One of the most common causes is coming into contact with a live power line.  Perhaps the power line was not properly insulated, and/or the ladder was conductive.  If your husband was moving a tall ladder near a live power line, the ladder could have touched the wire and conducted the electrical energy to him.

In this situation, your husband could have a case against parties responsible for ensuring the proper insulation of the power lines and a products liability case against the manufacturer of the ladder.

Again, we would need more facts from your husband with regard to his employer, his status on the construction site and what he was doing prior to the electrocution.  It is important to speak to an experienced Philadelphia, PA and New Jersey Construction accident lawyers to discuss the facts of his potential case. 

To learn more, access our legal article about the Important Legal and Factual Issues in Connection with Construction Site Electrocutions in a Personal Injury Case

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