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My right hand was crushed in an industrial machine I was working on at a packaging factory. I was clearing out a jam and my hand got caught in the machine. Can I sue the maker of the machine?



It seems that there could be a case against the manufacturer of the industrial machine based on the limited facts given.  I am assuming that your injury happened at an in-running nip point or a pinch point from your question.  If there was improper safeguarding at the nip point or pinch point, then there would be a strict products liability case against the machine manufacturer.  Was there an interlocking guard at the pinch point or nip point of the machine you were working on?  Essentially, when you lift the interlocking guard, the machine should stop to prevent your hand or arm from being caught in the moving machine.

Other safeguards could be the presence of jog buttons. To better answer your question, I would need more information, i.e., type of machine, the presence of any type of safeguards near the pinch point or nip point, and the exact circumstances of how your accident happened.  Feel free to call or email me, and we can discuss your accident.

You can also read our legal article to learn about proper safeguarding of industrial machines: Industrial Machinery Accidents - What You Need To Know About Design Defects (Part A: Improper Guarding)

If you were injured on an industrial machine, it is important to talk to a PA or NJ personal injury lawyer who is experienced in representing workers injured on industrial machines.  Bringing a products liability case can be complicated, and you need the right lawyer to properly investigate your case.

Published: 6/19/12

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