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PA Car Accidents – Can Doctors Refuse To Fill My Auto Insurance Policy?



A Pennsylvania car accident often creates chaos and stress for injured individuals.  If they are seriously injured, they may not be able to work or provide for their families.  In addition, they may have trouble receiving medical care from their doctors.  Below is a question we received about this issue.

Question: I was in a car accident in Northeast Philadelphia.  I was not at fault.  Another driver side-swiped me at an intersection because he went through a red light when I had a green light to proceed through the intersection.  I went to the emergency room and was told to follow-up with my primary doctor for my back pain.  I called my primary doctor who has been my doctor for the last 10 years the next morning to make an appointment.  I told them that I was in a car accident, and the office told me that I will not be able to see the doctor because they do not deal with auto insurance or no-fault insurance.  If I wanted to be seen by the doctor, I would need to use my health insurance.  Can the doctor do that?

Answer: Unfortunately, physicians can choose not to accept auto insurance or no-fault insurance. Some doctors are not familiar with the paperwork they need to submit to the auto insurance company in order to be paid for the medical treatment provided. Thus, they can decide that they do not want to deal with auto insurance companies.  You would need to find a doctor that accepts auto insurance in order to be treated.  If you decide that you would rather see your primary doctor because he has been your doctor for 10 years, you may do so.  However, if there are co-pays, you would have to pay for them.  When you use your medical or PIP coverage from your auto insurance policy, there are no co-pays.

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It is important to note that once your medical PIP coverage exhausts, i.e., you used the maximum amount of coverage available on your policy, you will then your use health insurance.  By law, every standard auto policy in PA provides $5,000 in medical coverage.  Drivers may have higher medical coverage if they opted to buy additional coverage.  This information can be found on your auto insurance declaration sheet which provides the types and amount of coverage.

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