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My son has a concussion and a head injury after being hit in the head with a lacrosse stick during practice because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Can I sue the coach or school?



You may be able to sue the coach and school if they were negligent and caused your son’s head injury and concussion.

Lacrosse players should be wearing helmets when they are on the field, whether it is during practice or a game.  Helmets are vital in protecting players from head and brain injuries.

If your son was on the field during practice and his coach did not require him to wear a helmet, then there is a strong argument that the coach and school are liable for your son’s injuries.

I would need more information from you regarding your son’s accident and head injury, i.e., where was the coach when it happened, why your son was not wearing a helmet, etc.  

There are multiple situations where the school and coach can be liable.  One situation is if the coach is new, inexperienced and not qualified to be a coach, then the school may be liable for negligently hiring an unqualified coach.

Another situation the coach and school may be liable is if the coach did not provide adequate supervision.   An example of inadequate supervision is the following: Practice ended, and the coach is cleaning up.  He sees your son and other players remain on the field to run some plays, and he sees that the players are not wearing helmets.  Despite the fact that he knows how important helmets are, he decides to let it go thinking that nothing bad will happen to the players.  He turns his back and walks into the locker room.  Your son then gets hit in the head by a lacrosse stick.  

In this situation, the coach is negligent for a few reasons.  First, he made the wrong decision by not telling the players to put on helmets.  In addition, he failed to adequately supervise the players on the field.  He should have stayed on the field to make sure the players did not get hurt or injured.

It is important to note that depending on the laws of the state where the accident occurred, public and private schools may be treated differently. For instance, Pennsylvania government immunity law generally prohibits lawsuits against public entities, such as a public high school, for negligence in supervision. However, this law does not apply to private schools, athletic clubs, community sports clubs, etc. Therefore, in PA sports accident cases, it is important to identify the correct parties involved.

If the school and coach are liable, your son may be entitled to recover damages.  Feel free to give my office a call to discuss your son’s unfortunate sports injury.  We offer a free, initial consultation. 877.944.8396

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