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Will you handle products liability cases involving out-of-state manufacturers?



We live in a global community and seldom is the case where a dangerous or defective product originated wholesale in the same city, or even state where a related injury occurred. In most cases, every product you own or encounter on a daily basis has led a storied past.

That cutting machine that you use everyday at your factory job may have been initially designed by an engineer in New York and be comprised of parts that were mass produced in a factory-or multiple factories-in China. The parts then may have been assembled in a plant in England before being shipped overseas and brought into the country by a Louisiana-based importer. After that, the defective machine could have been distributed by an Ohio-based company before coming to rest in the Philadelphia factory where you work and experienced your defective product related injury.

As you can see, this well-traveled product was overseen in some way by a great number of parties, all of whom may share some liability for any defect that causes serious personal injury or death to the user.

Because of the globalization of products, your Philadelphia products liability lawyer will have to be well-versed in not only the product liability laws for Pennsylvania, but have an understanding of how to handle cases that cross state and national lines

Your Philadelphia products liability lawyer should have resources in place to address the concerns of defective product cases that involve multi-national defendants. Our firm is capable of helping you pursue a defective product claim no matter where the product originated. We understand that the realities of modern commerce all-but-guarantee that the defective product that causes a person serious injury will have originated somewhere other than the victim's home state. 

Contacting a Philadelphia Products Liability Lawyer

Products liability claims can be very complicated and may involve more than one defendant, which, as stated, may or may not be headquartered within your state. That's why it's crucial to secure the services of a Philadelphia products liability lawyer who has experience in similar types of cases and has the knowledge and experience to identify and track down all responsible parties.  

 A Philadelphia products liability lawyer at White & Williams LLP can help you determine issues of liability in a defective product claim and fight for the compensation that you deserve. Before you hire an attorney, order this free consumer report: Injured By a Product? What You Need to Know About Products Liability Litigation in Pennsylvania Before You Hire a Lawyer. Contact us today - 1-877-944-8396.

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