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Steps to Take After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

In the days and weeks after a Pennsylvania car accident, you may be wondering what steps you should take to send yourself on the road to recovery, both physically and financially. This is especially true if you plan to file a Pennsylvania car accident claim as you will not want to take any action that will damage your personal injury claim.

Immediately After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

The most important thing to do after a Pennsylvania car accident is seek necessary medical attention immediately. After this, no single step towards obtaining a fair settlement in your Pennsylvania car accident claim is any more important that another. Your claim will likely go more smoothly, however, if you take any and/or all of the following actions: 

  • Take extensive notes about the accident itself (including the license plates of all involved vehicles and the personal information of any drivers involved in the crash);
  • Take extensive notes about your resulting injuries (including medical bills and the impact of this injury on your life);
  • Describe, in detail, any other losses caused by the accident;
  • Describe any conversations you may have had with other people involved in the accident;
  • Locate any relevant physical evidence such as pictures of the scene of the accident, your injuries or your damaged property;
  • Locate any witnesses to the accident who could support your argument in your Pennsylvania car accident claim;
  • Be sure to notify any party you believe to be responsible for the crash of your intent to file a claim;
  • Contact your insurance company; and
  • Contact an experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorney.


Taking the abovementioned actions with the help of an experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorney will greatly improve your chances of gaining a settlement that fully addresses your medical needs.

Hiring a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a Pennsylvania car accident, recuperating from your injuries should be your main focus, not having to navigate the complicated world of insurance settlements and personal injury law. Recovering from your injuries and returning to your life is much more difficult without your vehicle or if you're weighed down with accident-related expenses and serious accident injuries. A Pennsylvania car accident attorney can help you fight for a fair settlement.

Before you hire a Philadelphia car accident attorney, order our FREE consumer guide; A Primer on Pennsylvania Insurance for the Automobile Accident Victim. For a trusted legal team that will give your case the personal attention it deserves, contact a Philadelphia injury lawyer at White & Williams LLP today. We will provide a free, no obligation consultation on your case. 1-877-944-8396

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