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A Family Cat Saves Boy From An Unprovoked Vicious Dog Attack - By A PA & NJ Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

The most recent video that went viral across the internet is a video that captured a family cat’s heroic display, saving a young boy.  The video shows the cat’s remarkable rescue of a 4 year old boy from an unprovoked vicious dog attack.  The video alone has already been seen more than 5 million times on YouTube.

The 4 year old boy was on his bike walking up the family driveway when the next door neighbor’s dog came up behind the boy and suddenly attacked the boy.  The video shows the dog biting the boy’s leg, dragging him off the bike and shaking the boy as if he was a rag doll. 

The family cat then comes out of nowhere, jumps on the dog and scares it away.  The family cat even goes after the dog to make sure it goes back to its yard and stays away.

The dog tore into the boy’s calf, and the boy received 10 stiches for two bites/lacerations.

The focus of this amazing video/story is the cat’s courageous act of chasing a dog that was 4 times its size to save the boy.  Of course, the lawyer in me couldn’t help but focus on a fact that I see all the time in Pennsylvania and New Jersey dog attack lawsuits, which is, dogs are unpredictable and they can attack for no reason.

If this dog attack happened in Pennsylvania, the dog owner may be found liable under the “leash law,” which requires owners keep their dogs under proper and adequate control.  This means a dog needs to be confined to the owner’s property or maintained within reasonable control of the owner or another person. In this situation, the dog was obviously not under proper and adequate control.

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If this dog attack happened in NJ, the dog owner may be strictly liable for the boy’s injuries.  For strict liability to attach in NJ, a dog bite victim only needs to prove that the owner owned the dog, the dog bit the victim, and the victim was in a public place or lawfully on the owner’s property.  In this viral video of the dog attack, it appears that the owner may be strictly liable for the boy’s injuries.

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