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PA Sports Injury Law – Baseball Base Sliding Accident & Injury

Playing sports is a part of a lot of people's lives at all ages, from toddlers to teenagers to adults.  There are always risks associated with playing a sport like baseball, football or lacrosse, and players can and do get injured.  Many injuries are part of the sport.  For example in baseball, a left fielder jumps up to catch a fly ball, and on his way down, he lands on the outside edge of his foot, causing his ankle to buckle.  As a result, he fractures his ankle.

However, there are injuries sustained while playing a sport that can be avoided. These types of injuries are caused by someone’s negligence.  But for this act of negligence, the injury would not have happened.  In sports injury cases where someone was negligent, the injured player has legal rights and may be able to recover for their damages and injuries.

We recently represented a man in NJ who was injured while playing baseball and helped him recover financial compensation for his injuries and damages.

Our client is a lifelong baseball player.  He plays in an adult baseball league.  On the day that he was injured, he was playing a baseball game on a field privately owned by a for-profit facility.  The field was made of artificial turf and has no dirt.  The areas in the infield which are dirt on traditional fields are defined by brown colored artificial turf.

During the game, our client was sliding into second base.  As he was running to 2nd base, he slid into second base, and his rubber cleats caught on something, stopping him short.  As a result, he fractured his tibia in his left leg.

As it turns out,  the area where he was injured is a “hot spot” that gets worn out and can rip due to players repeatedly sliding into second base.   In this case, a worn area was cut out and patched with a new piece of turf.  The patch naturally has a seam around its entire perimeter.  The seam on the first base side of the patch can easily be snagged by the sliding player’s cleats, causing ankle, knee and leg injuries.  Further, the patch was placed negligently, resulting in a loose/raised seam on the first base side of the patch.  Our client’s rubber cleats caught on this raised seam which caused him to get hurt.

The solution to this obvious danger is to cut a large enough patch so that the edge of the patch on the first base side is far enough away from the second base bag as to be outside the “slide zone.”   Therefore, even if the patch is not glued/sewn perfectly, the seam will not be located where players will be sliding, and the most obvious danger to the players can be avoided.

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Help After A PA & NJ Sports Injury

If you were injured while playing a sport, you may be able to recover for your damages and injuries.  Though injury is part of playing sports, some injuries are the result of someone’s negligence, and therefore, could have been avoided.  Daniel J. O’Brien, a life-long athlete and a sports injury lawyer in PA and NJ, has helped many injured athletes.  Call to schedule a FREE consultation. 877.944.8396

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