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Children and Helmet Safety Tips - How to Fit a Helmet Properly

Spring time is here, and this means youth sports and activities like baseball and bike riding will be in full swing. Especially for bike riders, wearing a helmet is crucial to avoid or at least lessen the severity of head impacts. Head and brain injuries are often severe and can result in significant cognitive deficits. One common problem is use of an improper helmet or ill-fitted helmet.

Below are factors necessary to ensure that a helmet fits properly:

1. Appropriate Sizing of a Helmet

In some cases, manufacturer guidelines are not accurate. Helmet size recommendations don't always match up with the child. Instead of simply buying a helmet recommended for a given age, parents should actually have their child try a helmet on before buying it.

2. Appropriate Fitting of a Helmet

A helmet fits appropriately when it fits flat on the head and does not rock or move from side to side. The front of the helmet should be one or two finger lengths above the eyebrows to provide adequate protection for the forehead.

The straps should be adjusted to form a "V" under the ears as they move down to the chin. The strap buckle should fit snugly under the chin, all while the helmet is level on the head. The buckle is secure and properly fitted if no more than one or two fingers can fit between the strap and the chin. The helmet must not tilt forwards, backwards or side to side.

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To be sure the helmet fits your child properly, follow these two simple steps:

1. Have your child open his or her mouth wide. The helmet should pull down on the head.
2. Have your child shake his or her head. The helmet should not tilt backward or forward.

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