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Claims Against Liable Parties For Injuries Sustained By Innocent Bystanders At A PA Construction Site

Many workers are injured in the construction industry every day.  Some injuries are minor, some are serious and some are, sadly, fatal.  However, construction workers are not the only individuals who get injured at a construction accident.  Innocent bystanders, such as pedestrians or car drivers walking or driving by the construction site may get injured.

Pedestrians and car drivers may get injured when building debris falls on them due to improper disposal methods.  Injured victims often get hit in the head and may suffer:

  • concussions,
  • permanent brain injury,
  • post-traumatic headache syndrome, and/or
  • cognitive impairments, i.e., loss of memory, mood changes, etc.

If the parties in charge of the construction site failed to follow OSHA standards for disposing of debris or preventing falling debris, they may be held liable for injuries suffered by pedestrians or car drivers.  Parties responsible may include:

  • the owner/developer of the construction site,
  • the demolition contractor, and/or
  • the general contractor.

How PA Contractors & Sub-Contractors May Be Responsible For Parties Other Than Workers

Multiple claims may be made against the responsible parties, including but not limited to:

  • operating demolition and construction equipment in such a manner as to cause debris to fall onto pedestrians or cars;
  • failing to implement barriers to prevent debris from the construction/demolition project from falling onto pedestrians or cars;
  • failing to recognize that debris from the construction/demolition project could fall onto the roadway below the project;
  • failing to re-route traffic to prevent debris from falling on the roadway below the project;
  • violating OSHA regulations and industry construction and demolition standards;
  • failing to properly train, monitor and supervise its employees in proper procedure and safety for building demolition; and
  • operating the demolition equipment in a careless, reckless and negligent manner.

What To Do After Injured By Falling Debris

If you walked or drove by a construction site and were injured by falling debris, you may be able to recover for your damages and pain and suffering.  Debris at the construction site should be properly secured and should not fall onto the public or nearby structures.  If you would like to discuss your accident, feel free to contact the personal injury lawyers at White and Williams @ 877.944.8396.

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