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Stairway Accident Liability in PA and NJ - Common Causes of Stairway Accidents

Stairway or stairwell accidents can cause catastrophic injuries. Fractures and head injuries are very common and can lead to loss of work, surgery and pain and suffering.

Any business or individual which owns or maintains the building where a given stairway is located may be liable for failing to maintain or inspect the area for defects, such as:

  • broken parts such as chipped concrete or marble,
  • wearing of slip resistance materials,
  • loose or broken parts such as nosings or wear strips,
  • poor construction,
  • mold infiltration,
  • structural weakening,
  • irregularities in tread length and riser heights,
  • food/water accumulation, and
  • carpet issues such as tearing or holes.

stairs with grip materialIn general, businesses and individuals have a duty to inspect their premises for dangerous conditions and/or warn of them. Failure to do so may lead to liability.

In a recent case in Pennsylvania, our client who lived in New Jersey was at a Lancaster County hotel for a conference. She tripped at the top of a hotel stairway because the nosing of the top stair was loose and had been loose for several months before the accident. Pictures of the nosings showed that the hotel had used different screws and nails in an effort to try to keep the nosing in place. Our client’s heel got caught on the loose nosing and she tumbled down the entire flight, suffering career-ending injuries.

In another stairway accident case in Pennsylvania, our client was a tenant at a large apartment complex. As he carried laundry to the basement laundry room of his building, the stairway collapsed beneath him. Our client suffered a severe head injury which ended his career as a construction worker. The landlord and property maintenance company had prior notice of mold growth at the base of the stairs which created instability in the stairs.

In another stairway accident case in Philadelphia, our client was walking down a flight of marble stairs when she slipped and suffered an internal knee derangement. Water had accumulated due to a faulty drainage system.

In any slip and fall case, it is important to prove the cause of the accident. Obtaining photos of the defect at the time of the accident may be the key to succeeding in a stairway accident case.

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