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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Dog Bites & Attack Cases - Common Injuries

Dog attack and dog bite victims often suffer serious injuries.  Some victims, especially young children, may also die as a result of the attacks.  Dog attack victims who are seriously injured need extensive medical treatment and future medical treatment.  According to the Centers for Disease and Control, almost 368,000 people bitten by dogs are treated in hospitals each year.

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Common injuries dog attack and dog bite victims sustain include:

  • deep puncture wounds,
  • facial wounds/scarring,
  • permanent scarring, and
  • emotional scarring.

Puncture Wounds & Infections

Puncture wounds are probably one of the most common injuries from dog bites.  The dog's teeth punctures the victim's skin.  Puncture wounds can go deep within the flesh.

Because dogs may carry soil or bacteria in their mouths, it is easy for soil or bacteria to get in the puncture wounds during the attack.  If soil or bacteria gets in the wounds, the dog bite victim is prone to infections.

Children are especially prone to getting deep puncture wounds during the attacks due to their size.  They do not have as much flesh as adult victims.  Children are also prone to infections if soil or bacteria gets in the wound.


Many dog bite victims are left with scars.  Adult dog bite victims often have scars on their arms or legs.  Children, however, often have scars on their faces.  Many children are the same height as medium sized dogs.  Therefore, when they are attacked, children are often bitten near the face or on the face.  As a result, children will often need painful facial reconstructive surgery immediately after the attacks.  In most cases, children who are attacked or bitten in the face will need future facial reconstructive surgery to remove scars when they get older.  For other children, they may have permanent facial scarring. 

Emotional Scarring

Not only are dog attack victims physically scarred, they are also emotionally scarred.  An adult who was attacked by a dog in the neighborhood while taking a walk may be anxious the next time he goes out for a walk.  Young children who are attacked by dogs may develop fear of dogs.  When they see a dog, they may start to cry.  They may also have nightmares.  Victims who suffer emotional injuries may need to talk to a counselor or therapist to help them with their fear and anxiety toward dogs.

Victims of dog bite injuries have legal rights and may be able to recover financial compensation for their injuries and damages.  Talk to a Pennsylvania and New Jersey dog bite injury lawyer about your rights.  Daniel J. O'Brien has helped many dog bite victims in PA and NJ.  Free consultation 877.944.8396

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