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Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Accident - Common Injuries

Trip and fall or slip and fall accidents are quite common in Pennsylvania.  A pedestrian walking in Center City Philadelphia may trip over an uneven sidewalk.  Another pedestrian walking in Old City, an area in Philadelphia known for having brick sidewalks, may step in a hole where a brick should have been and get injured.

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Slip/trip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries.  Below are some common injuries pedestrians sustain in a slip/trip and fall accident.

Shoulder Injury

When pedestrians trip and fall, they may land on their shoulders causing serious injuries such as shoulder fracture, which often requires surgery.  Sometimes the fracture can be a complex fracture and causes other problems, such as nerve damage. 

After a shoulder injury, the individual often cannot use the injured shoulder for weeks and sometimes months due to surgery.  In addition, because of the injured shoulder, use of the arm and hand on the side of the injured shoulder is also limited.  Therefore, the individual does everything with his hand/arm on the uninjured side of his body.  After a while, the individual may start to have problems with the uninjured shoulder and/or arm due to over compensation.

Hand/Wrist Injury

When pedestrians fall, they often try to break the falls with their hands.  As a result, they fracture their wrists.  Like a shoulder injury, if a pedestrian injures his dominant hand which limits its use, he will start to use the other hand all the time.  Eventually, the pedestrian may have problems with the uninjured hand due to over compensation as well.

Leg/Ankle Injury

Another common injury sustained by pedestrians after trip and fall accidents is leg injury.  They may fracture their ankles.  An individual who is on their feet all day for work, such as a nurse, may not be able to work for several months.

Pedestrians' Legal Rights After PA Trip & Fall Accidents

Injured pedestrians may be able to recover financial damages from the responsible party, which may include homeowners or businesses, depending on where the accidents happened.  If a pedestrian fell on the sidewalk in front of a store in Philadelphia, the store may be liable for the pedestrian's injuries.  If the trip and fall accident happened in front of a home, the homeowner may be responsible.

An injured pedestrian may recover the following damages in a trip and fall lawsuit:

  • past/future medical expenses,
  • past/future lost wages,
  • other out of pocket expenses, and
  • pain and suffering.

Slip/Trip & Fall Accident In Philadelphia & Surrounding PA Suburbs

If you were injured in a trip and fall accident in Pennsylvania, you have legal rights and may be able to receive financial compensation.  Call 877.944.8396 to schedule a FREE consultation with our seasoned trip and fall accident lawyers.

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