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NFL Faces Lawsuit Related to Concussions and Permanent Brain Injuries From Former Football Players

Published: 7/9/12

Earlier last month, more than 80 pending lawsuits from former football players against the NFL were consolidated in a "master complaint" filed in Philadelphia, PA.

At issue is whether the NFL knew that there were links between football-related head trauma and permanent brain injuries and failed to take appropriate action.  The players accuse the NFL of hiding information that linked concussions and head traumas to permanent brain injuries sustained during the game. 

More complaints have been filed since last month, and there are now over 2,400 former players suing the NFL. 

The NFL is expected to file a motion to dismiss the case in early August.

As sports accident lawyers, we often represent athletes who get injured while playing football or baseball.  Similar to the issues in the lawsuit against the NFL, the defendants in our cases failed to take appropriate action to protect the athletes even though they knew the risks of permanent brain injury.

One common situation we see is an athlete who sustained a concussion during a game and was cleared to play by the defendants when in fact the athlete did not fully recover.  The next time the player gets hit in the head would likely lead to a permanent traumatic brain injury.

The lives of our clients are drastically changed after suffering a traumatic brain injury, and they have significant cognitive impairments such as:

  • loss of memory, both short-term and long-term;
  • personality changes;
  • headaches; and/or
  • severe mood swings.

Hits to the head and mild concussions sustained while playing a sport can not be taken lightly.  The athlete must be medically evaluated properly before going back to playing in a game.

If you or your loved one sustained a traumatic brain injury in a sports accident and want to know whether you have a case or not, please contact our PA and NJ sports accident lawyers at 877.944.8396.  Having a traumatic brain injury can be devastating and you should not have to suffer because of someone else's negligence.

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